Cornice and Pelmets

We have illustrated the different cornice / light pelmet installation styles for each range. It is especially important to note when planning curved profiles the orientation of the pelmet, vertical or horizontal, cannot be altered when using matching curved profiles.

Note: Cornice / Light baffle must be fitted in the horizontal or vertical orientation shown in the diagrams below to accomodate curved cornice / pelmet profiles where applicable

Group 1 - Matt Foil Slab (50x28 only)
Group 2 - Matt Foil Plain Shaker

Group 2 - Matt Foil Shaker

Group 2 - 5 Piece Foil Woodgrain Shaker

Group 3 - 5 Piece Foil Bevelled Woodgrain Shaker

Group 2 - Matt & Gloss Slab
Group 5 - Matt & Gloss Painted Handless

Group 4 - Woodgrain Handleless

Group 5 - Painted Matt Shaker

Group 6 - Beaded Shaker Solid Painted
Group 6 - Solid Painted Shaker

Group 7 - Solid Oak Shaker

Note: Curved Cornice and Light baffle are range specific and cannot be mixed with other ranges.
All dimensions in mm