Curved End Unit Specification & Worktop Planning

Price Group 2

5 Piece Foil Woodgrain Shaker

Price Group 2

Matt Foil Shaker

Price Group 2

Painted Matt Slab
Painted Gloss Slab

Price Group 3

5 Piece Foil Bevelled Woodgrain Shaker

Price Group 6

Beaded Shaker Solid Painted
Solid Painted Shaker

Price Group 4

Woodgrain Handless

Please note:
This unit is 296mm wide

Price Group 5

Painted Matt Shaker
Matt Painted Handless
Gloss Painted Handless

Price Group 7

Solid Grey Oak Shaker

Curved End Shelf Units

BEC 30 L/R - Base End Shelf Unit

Note: Curved Cornice and Light baffle are range specific and cannot be mixed with other ranges.