Planning Your Space

  • Measure the wall you intend to use and check there is a suitable power supply and access to an aerial, cable or satellite connection
  • Decide on the overall desired width for your media furniture to work within.
  • Consider how much you wish to store and how many devices you wish to incorporate.
  • Be sure you know the size of your TV 
  • Choose your base unit configuration from this guide combining Fold Down Front units and Drawer Units as required.
  • Select a continuous top to measure the same as your combined base cabinets
  • Choose a Back Panel width to suit your chosen design style - floor or wall hung. 
  • Be sure that your TV will fit suitably within the back panel dimensions and decide on your mounting bracket. choose our TV bracket from accessories or re-use an existing one.
  • Using the design that you have put together choose your cabinet and door finishes to suit your taste or budget from the colour finish pages of the product guide

Consider the following:

  • Do you need an Infrared Repeater to operate your hardware behind the closed unit door.
  • Would you like to include Wall Units, Shelves or perhaps a child safety lock.
  • Enhance your design with back panel LED lighting, a base board fitted underneath your units, or perhaps a 200mm plinth to complete the look.